About Me

Welcome to my page

 I am a mom to twin boys in  Northville, Michigan. Ever since I found out I am pregnant with my M&M twins life has been one roller coaster. The only thing that has kept me calm during this time has been capturing every moment of this roller coaster on my camera, Disney movies, traveling (yes I have been traveling with my twins since they were 7 weeks old), lots of food and the support of my amazing husband, family and friends.

What made me decide to start this blog was the fact I want to share my survival journey with my twins. I am the solo parent to the M&M twins Monday to Thursday as dear husband is a financial consultant who travels. I want to share my survival journey and maybe share some tips on how to survive year one with twins. Now a disclaimer most of the things I share will seem odd, insane and so the opposite of what every parenting book says. But these are the things that work for me and have helped me maintain my sanity! I will always say do what suits you and your child. Every parent is different and every baby is different.

I used to work in an IT company as a data analyst but I quit my job to be a stay at home with my twin boys. It has been worth it every minute. We have our share of laughter and cries and temper tantrums.  Its been over a month since I have been a stay at home mom with my babies and my creative juices have started flowing again. I have picked up my camera and been taking as many pictures as possible of my twins and our life together. I do not want to miss a single moment! It made me want to help others to help capture their life moments. I love doing event photography, portraits, family pictures, baby pictures and life style photography. So give me a call, send me a message or a smoke signal lets talk and I can help you capture those beautiful life moments you would want to remember for life.